The difference between a mountain and a molehill is your perspective.
—Al Neuharth

People can get on your nerves sometimes, can’t they? However, if we manage to take a step back from those annoying times, we can actually dlve a little deeper for actual causes for the seemingly irritating behavior. For example…

Is the person at the cash register really dim-witted because she gave you the wrong change, or, perhaps, did she just make a mistake? Paying attention?

Does the person who mistakenly cut you off really deserve to have a plague put on his family, or did he just not see you? or just wasn’t paying attention!!

Does the person you’re explaining the budgeting report to really need to have pictures drawn for him to understand your points, or are you merely talking above him? Was he paying attention?!!

The problem is with our eyes; we have nearsightedness. Not literally, of course, but sometimes we have a limited perception of what we see; we don’t often “see” the whole story. As a result, we can judge too quickly and be unfairly harsh.

Here’s a tip: Instead, try to have some much-needed peripheral vision; maybe things aren’t as bad as they appear. Give yourself (and others) the benefit of a doubt, and don’t be so harsh.

After all, our eyes can play tricks on us. What you can control, though, is your own focus: what you choose to see—in others and yourself. But..Pay Attention!!!

Have a Bless day…….Kyoshi