Private Lessons & Rank Testing Info

Private lessons

If you want to up your game as you prepare for an upcoming rank test or your next tournament (3 required a year).

You can not beat one on one instructions with myself or one of any black belts in the dojo.

We will have many options available. See one of the black belts to schedule your personal class. ( fees are less than a movie)

Rank Test/Graduation

Jr’s & Adults

Rank test will be held on the final saturday morning of the month or an assigned makeup date.

Rank graduations will be held on a schedule date to receive belts and certificates & awards

Little Dragons

little dragons rank test will be held on the final thursday of the month or an assigned makeup date.

You must turn in your intend to promote with promotional fees at the time or before the test. a credit card on file may be required starting


I want to take the time to say thank you to all the students and parents who are committed to your child earning a Black Belt. I have read that commitment is tough because it means NO EXCUSES, NO QUITTING, MUST DO WORD. So, I understand Commitment as we will provide a Karate Lifestyle program that will be life changing. If you will support our program, there is no doubt that your child will say “yes & No mam or sir” They will learn to make their beds and clean up their rooms and help around the house . Learn to speak when spoken too. Sit still. In return you will provide food, shelter and the Love they need. Take your time, they must be, before they can become. We are all self-Made, so our rewards in life will be in direct proportion to our exact contributions to our service in Life.

My favorite” You become what you believe” Matthew 9:29. We can do this!

Thank You and Much Respect “IT IS POSSIBLE!



“There is nothing outside yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exist. Seek nothing outside of yourself”

Miyamoto Musahi.