Black Belt Candidates

Please Choose The Kata You Need For Your Next Belt Promotions.

If You Are Not Sure Ask Your Instructor

Enjoy The Journey-Tomorrow Is Overrated!


Kata’s Required For Your Next Promotion

Left Pivot Form – (Yellow Belt)

Left Pivot Form – (Yellow Belt W/Stripe) (17 Seconds Or Less)

Right Pivot Form – (Gold Belt)

Right Pivot Form – (Gold Belt W/Stripe) (17 Seconds Or Less)

Hurricane- I – (Orange Belt)

H-Pattern W/Bo – (Orange Belt W/Stripe)

Hurricane- Ii – (Green Belt)

H-Pattern W/Nunchakus – (Green Belt W/Stripe)

Sister Form – (Blue Belt)

Sister W/Sai – (Blue Belt W/Stripe)

Hurricane- Iii – (Purple Belt)

Sasu Bo Kando – (Purple Belt W/Stripe)

Lion Form – (Red Belt)

Samurai Sword – (Red Belt)

Brother Form – (Red Belt W/Stripe)

Brother W/Tonfa – (Red Belt W/Stripe)

Swift Like The Deer – (Brown Belt)

Brother W/Kama – (Brown Belt)

Sanchin – (Brown Belt W/Stripe)

Royon Bo Yondon – (Brown Belt W/Stripe)

Side Pattern I – (Black Belt)

Shihan W/Bo – (Black Belt)

Empi (Black Belt

White Crane 1

Hanshi Respect!

*Revere Your Art

* Respect The Lesson

* Live A Life With Honorable Virtues

* Teach The Highest Standards

*May Your Regrets Be Few And Smiles Be Often

Hanshi McCall