Martial Arts Programs

lil Dragons & Screaming Eagles | Give your child a head start in life!

Screaming Eagle Class Schedule:
Kids (Ages 3-6)Lil Dragons
Kids (Ages 6-9)Screaming Eagles

Tuesday & Thursday
6:00pm-6:30pm & 6:00pm- 6:40 p.m.

The Screaming Eagle Program is designed to address the specific development needs of young children. Belt levels are tailored so students steadily progress in the acquisition of physical skills, physical awareness, and mental focus. Our Screaming Eagle Program builds confidence and a positive attitude in children for success in every realm of their life. Emphasis on discipline will help students become more responsible, which prepare them for challenges of school and life in general. It is our belief that we can teach your children martial arts in a caring environment using positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques. We emphasize positive behavior while minimizing negative behavior. Your child will develop a new sense of esteem and pride with a feeling of accomplishment within their own small world.

Classes begin with martial art exercises which reduce the chance of injury. Next, we review techniques taught in our previous class. If everyone feels good about knowing their material, we move on to new material. The last few minutes of class will be fun and include skill drills to help achieve balance and coordination. The Screaming Eagle Program is flexible, since all children progress at their own level. This program can be completed in one to two years, depending on the student’s age and maturity. Once students learn the required material, they will graduate and begin the regular kid’s program.


So let’s start each day with THE SPIRIT OF AN EAGLE!

I am a Karate Screaming Eagle.
I will Focus myself,
I will Control myself,
I will Discipline myself,
I will Respect myself,
I will Respect others,
I will show the Spirit of an Eagle,

I am a Karate Screaming Eagle!


Gain the benefits of Karatedo!

Karate Program Schedule:
Kids & Adults (Ages 9 & up)

4:30PM – 7:30 p.m.

We teach American Freestyle Karate, which is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles consisting of self-defense techniques, grab arts, fighting techniques (sport), sparring, kickboxing, kata (art form), and ancient weaonry. PKA Kick Boxing, American Freestyle jiu-jitsu, Traditional Mixed Martial Arts. We encourage families to train together by offering additional family deep discount. (after 3 members it is 1/2 price and after 4 its free) There are three important reasons to learn karate:

1. Physical Development
The karate student employs all parts of the body in performing the techniques of striking, blocking, kicking, and the kata forms, thus strengthening the internal organs and developing a strong and healthy body.

2. Mental Development
A strong and healthy body promotes the development of a strong and healthy spirit. Physical well-being engenders a grand feeling of self-confidence and a wholesome outlook on life. The best can be accomplished in life by the harmonious development of bodily strength and strength of mind.

3. Self-Defense (live training)
Being able to defend one’s life or the lives of others is one of the fundamental accomplishments of man. There is no reason for a man to forfeit his life or the lives of his loved ones through ignorance of how to defend himself. Our Dojo training will speed up your reflex actions, inspire confidence, and impart scientific knowledge of the principles of self-defense. Self-knowledge is necessary in karate-do and is all important in overcoming the battles of life. To win life’s battles, one must first overcome himself. Without self-knowledge, you will arrive at frustration. With self-knowledge, you will learn to understand and value others. The true master of karate-do has a sense of propriety and humility which will lead him to his own sense of honor.

Excerpt from: The Hand is My Sword, A Karate Handbook by Grandmaster

Hanshi McCall