Little Dragons

Who are the Little Dragons:

The American Freestyle Karate Club has developed a unique program for children between the ages of three through six. This program is called the Little Dragon’s Program. It has been created to cater to the needs of children of that specific age group and teach the basic Life Skills. As we all know, every child develops at their own rate and at their own time. Our system allows us to cater to every child’ individual needs in every class to maximize their potential even at such a young age. Starting at age 3 till 6 will insure the character skills are in place before school.

How much could children of this age learn:

Little Dragon’s philosophy is not to teach them a lot of information, but to teach them a little information a lot. Our ultimate goal of this program is to give the young students a strong foundation of what the Martial Arts is about as well as the basic Life Skills. Every class will be a routine that is done daily. As the students learn and understand the routine, they will become more efficient at it. When the students reach a certain skill level in the basic routine, they will then add more to it. The result will be a strong understanding of the critical basic techniques and life skills in our program. They learn how to “spend”,”Save”,Give” with money skills

How Quickly will they Advance:

In this program, there is definitely no rush for advancement because the goal is not to see how much they could learn, but to develop their physical foundation along with the character foundation (Life Skills). Typically, a little dragon’s student will test for a high white belt at approximately six months, and a yellow belt approximately a year. There is no set time, it is all when they are able to be successful.

Will They Have FUN?

Definitely, if the Little Dragon’s Program was not fun, it would not be as successful as it is now. This program is based on fun. The techniques that are practiced are all presented in a fun and exciting way. The outcome is that the children are having the time of their lives kicking, punching, and running while learning about respect, confidence, and Life Skills without even knowing that they are learning.
In closing, the Little Dragon’s Program at the American Freestyle Karate Club is the perfect time in a child’s life to get involved in the Martial Arts. The reason is that training at such a young age will allow the child to grow up with an additional character support system other than the parents. This means that when a child goes to school, the parents will not be there to make decisions for them. The parents hope that the child will make the right decision. When they are involved in a AFSKC Little Dragon’s Program, the children are hearing the values from the parents and through their Karate training since they started in school. Children who start at such a young age also tend to train in the Martial Arts longer than if they started when they were older. The reason is twofold. One is the fact that parents are always super supportive of children this age in their activities. The other is that they associate their training with starting their school career. The student goes to School, then goes to Karate without a question, it is just a part of their natural routine. Therefore,  between the support of the parents and Instructors, and it being a part of the child’s life at such a young age, Little Dragon’s are “On a Quest to be the Best ”.

Here are the 12 Proven Foundation Stones
they will learn and build into your child’s Character

  1. Physical Fitness
  2. Honesty
  3. Self-Control
  4. Focus
  5. Respect
  6. Confidence
  7. Spiritual Development
  8. Courage
  9. Contribution
  10. Positive Outlook
  11. Responsibility
  12. Persistence


Hanshi McCall

Develop Self Control, Discipline, & Respect
Learn Self Defense, Karate Kata
Special Classes for this Specific Age
Educationally Life Skills and Fun
Develop Confidence and the “On a Quest to be the Best”
Money Skills–Spend_Save_Give…Earn Money