Samurai’s & Samurai Ladies and that un-natural speed



Kyoshi Gary Lee with Okinawa Dance Group

These are stories that are true ,they have been lived out by the old sensei.

We have been told and educated on the Samurai and what they did to keep their legacy in our imagination . I have been told many stories and legends to keep me on the edge of my seat for many, many years. I believe they are Samurai who lived among us today. They are a very powerful group within our population who you would never know unless you train with one or happen to have met one by going to a martial arts event or function even then when you face one , how do you know if he or she is Samurai?

As we embark on this new Tale of the Old Sensei, let us remember that as we approach a new year that the Samurai never changes he or she has one goal ,to live and die in the code of Bushshido and to honor the warriors that have fallen before them .

Loyalty and honor was the meal of the day ,no debate .

I think of real producers of a martial arts event as Samurai apprentice. The money investor or creator of the event is Samurai for he has to do it all but, his apprentice always takes the heat therefore they are learning what the duties of Samurai are and eventfully They will learn on their own.

One such gathering of Samurai was The Houston Martial Arts Festival and The Austin Martial Arts Festival..

Two separate events in two major Texas cities but having the same flavor of mixing and bringing the real martial arts sprit to the open public.

The Houston Festival had many countries represented and hundreds of competitors going for the Gold Medals. The V.I.P list was very impressive famous martial artist such as Anthony T.Goh The president of U.S.A Wu shu - Kung fu Federation was on hand to oversee his gigantic group there also the U.S Amateur Athletic Union National Chairman Dug Corpolongo was on hand to oversee the rules . I have been around for a few years that is why they call me the Old Sensei , I guess but never the less I run into classic Sifus and Sensei’s who I have known for many years.

One of those old sifus was Charles Graham and another Professor Hu, amazing men in their fields of soft martial arts. The line up of guest were impressive, Chistopher Dinatale from the RED DRAGON DOJO and one of the most colorful Sensei was Master Chien”KING’ Lam , a old fighter from the blood and gut days who fought everyone in his time according to the history books, just for the record he train under Mikami Sensei from New Orleans, a All -Japan Champion who was super fighter in his day.

Memories of a Texas Samurai,
A flashback 1973,
Spartanburg College, Spartanburg, South Carolina,
A very cold Rainey day and many years ago.

I had just made Nidan under Kishi Sensei in Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate , sorta still wet behind the ears but still a good karate-ka. I had found a great open dojo run by one of the greatest point fighters on the east coast Sam Chapman.

He had trained Bobby Tucker, Jerry Rhome, Gary Langreth, Ray Thompson ,Becky Chapman, John Reese and others to point fighting fame and I wanted to be one of them We would train six days a week and fight seven days a week because of Sam I was introduced to Full-Contact Karate.

I even got to be Master Joe Corely’s sparring partner, for the Famous Joe Corley - Bill "Super Foot" Wallace fight, he kicked me all over that Peach Tree Street dojo, he kicked me in the head , the side, the stomach, the face.

I do remember one kick, it was the jump spin back kick, Mr. Corely perfected it in the competeing days when he was rated.

He hit me so hard it knocked the wind out of me and back then I was like a freight train on Red Bull , it made me respect his kicking ability, Ous.

We would fight everywhere for the points to support a new leauge call S.E.K.A, The South East Karate Association directors were a who’ who of Special and past great fighters. Two men come into mind along with these other great karate guys and that is Hanshi Jerry Piddington “The Untamed Lion and his devoted student of thirty years, a fighting legend Kyoshi Danny McCall . These two Karate Masters were legends in the development of American Martial Arts. Both are History Generals for the Museum and are dedicated to the History of Sport Martial Arts in America..

For a personal note, Kyoshi Danny McCall has one of the hardest punches in the game . I fight hard and fast , and I will blitz you all over , I want to take your breath away from the experience of fighting me. I do not go backwards , bad habit but it is me. McCall hits hard !!! Hell ,he and Master Piddington ,with the Smith Brothers invented Full-Contact Karate on the south east coast. Master McCall fights I remember because he was the rated number one, and the guy to beat for respect . I took a lot of seconds and thirds to his skills,

I never beat Kyoshi McCall but , I do remember his punch and knocking the wind out of me. It was a humbling experience that we laugh at today , Ready for a re-match!!

I will go get my cane and my super padded universal anti -galactic ,meteor proof safety equipment invented by Ninjas from South Bronx, New York City , But the most , important new age gear if McCall and I banged again would be a Titanium Groin Cup because those boys in the in the South invented the groin Rip -in Snap!!! YEAH RIGHT!!LOL

Kyoshi McCall is war vetran ,owns one of the largest RANGER BOAT dealer ships in the USA, Fire Walker ,Pioneer in the Martial Arts, Devoted Christian, Family man, Bass Fisherman, NASCAR Fan ,,Black Belt Hall of Famer, Samurai Warrior, History General, for the Sport Museum, Visionary and Friend. www.kyoshimccall.com and www.denvermarine.com Well back to the story ***********

Karate man Sam Chapman , a pioneer fighter and Coach, Joe Corely probably one of the greatest producers who ever played the game of running big tournaments, Three words, BATTLE OF ATLANTA.

Bill McDonald produce great fighters like Tony Lopez ,Charlie June and SUPER STAR Demitrius “Oak tree “”Edwards and Chris McLauglin was a respected Sports writer for the magazines .

S.E.K.A. would have special guest , That day Mikami was there ,we had heard all the rumors how fast he was and he had lighting moves and his Bunkai was flawless, but what we didn’t realize that he had un-natural speed .

He was fast ,so fast you could not see the seven to ten moves before the sweep to the floor, which had no-remorse what so ever, As I watch him practice with his uki , all I remember was I was thankful I was not chosen to be his self-defense uki for what I saw next was the most beautiful spin back kick I have ever seen , it was flawless.

The uki dropped like a sack of potatoes, knocked out cold !!! I mean mouth to mouth had to be executed and smelling sauce ,finally he was taken out on a strecther and we never saw him again ,ever !!!

Now he needed a uki ,some jerk volunteer me and I found my self being thrown around by one of the greatest karate men alive _____Cool!!! Nineteen Years{1992} later at the USAKF Nationals in Dallas he would be The Old Sensei’s Head Judge in Black Belt weapons, forty -seven {47} Competitors ,all going for the Gold Medal and TITLE OF U.S NATIONAL CHAMPION.

The Head judge was Mikami Sensei, and then Roger Greene of Kenpo fame , Alex”plus one “ Steinburg One of the best kata men in the world.

Thomas LaPuppet, The first Afro-American to be inducted to the Black Belt Hall of Fame. Shinato Kishi Sensei, Japanese Weapons Expert and Master of Okinawan Kobudo. The Old Sensei Won the Title and respect of the old school of Karate. 1992 USAKF Black Belt Weapons Champion .

And now back to our story , Mary , can I have another rum drink please it is the Holiday Season , Thank you,

There were other guest ,Kevin Hsieh, Gabriel Gutierrez,DC, GRAND CHAMPION Jason Aric Jansen, Calton Schwab, Jeff l. Moore, Randy K Li, Dale Napier, Earl Portnoy, Calvin Chin and the mysterious K.K Ho who treated us with his very impressive waiting services at diner that night .I personaly believed he was Samurai ,he was so smooth and kind but he had a SPECIAL CHI that surrounded him ,you could tell he was special !!! The Diner Saturday night after the main competition was impressive ,a fifth teen course dinner for the V.I.P’s and Special guest. Sunday would be the GRAND’S and the full-contact Kung-Fu Demo ,it was standing room only when the winners of Saturday event ,all first places would compete for the money and GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP. Kung -Fu Grands are that they set up with twenty judges that do not score more than 9.5 and you have to win three or more Gold Medals to qualify for the GRAND. One impressive compeitor was World BlackBelt and Ringstar Sponsored National compeitor Garett Lee ,who was like a fish out of water, this was a Kung-Fu National Event with the very best Kung -Fu competitors there.

Garett is a fouth Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Karate and is a National Rated Fighter Sponsored by World BlackBelt ,Ringstar Shoes, Martial Café and Hawaiirock.

Garett won three Gold Medals in Japanese Kata , Weapons and Fighting and then was asked by KINGLAM , the director of the event to perform for the finals which he did . That was cool but what was really cool!

Garett performed with the other Champions and had the highest total of points of all the GRAND CHAMPIONS and won the $300.00 Grand Prize in Junior Black Belt . Representing WORLD BLACKBELT with another National Championship.

Lady Samurai’s , Were they real ?, Did they exist? Well The Old Sensei believe’s they did and there is documentation that proves it ! Maggie Ying , lady Samurai came though from CMT , Creative Marketing Inc. she and her group help put things together under the guidence of Master Chien.

Great event!!!! and you can count on us being there next year !!!!!!!!

Samurai’s are in different zones and they come in unexpected times Are you ready?,,. A Samurai sprit may touch you in a mental or physical time because of Knowledge, He or she wants to share , it is a special moment not to be taken for granted , Listen and learn if you are bless with the opportunity of being around a Samurai , Ous It is a honor for sure .

And now The Austin Martial Arts Festival held at Crockett Center in Austin Texas. The same format , all disciplines together and demos, demos, demos and more demos.

Grand Master Dean Chapman from Shorin - Ryu, Professor Ed Sones and Hanshi Gary Lee from World Black Belt put on spectacular performances of Karate expertise.

Lots of competitors and vendors for all your shopping needs and the most spectacular host Sifu, his apprentices Linda and Brian Runyan are his Generals and they do a superb job in organizing all the events.

Next year October 11 2008 is the date , same great location but much more surprises and wonderful family fun!!!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!!!!!!!!!!! OCTOBER 11, 2008 Austin ,Texas

So you can understand why this Old Sensei believes that lady producers have the qualities of the Lady Samurais . Ladies like Maggie and Linda are lady Samurai , they are warriors of business and personalities, they are special and they do not even know it .

Well here is my last 2007 fable of tales This is the story of a Lady Samurai who’s presence is felt everytime this Old Sensei talks to Maggie or Linda , My Samurai buddies , Ous

Tomoe Gozen provides one of the few examples of a true woman warrior in early to early modern Japanese history . While countless other women were at times forced to take up arms {in defense of their castle for example}, Kiso Minamoto Yoshinaka {though the HEIKO MONOGATARI describes her as a female attendant}, who rose against the Taira and in 1184 took Kyoto after Winning the battle of Kurikawa . With the Taira forced into the Western Provinces, Yoshinaka began insinuating that it was he should carry the mantle of Leadership of the Minamoto - a suggestion that prompted an attack by MINAMOTO YORITOMO.

Yoshinaka - and Tomoe - faced the Yoritmoto warriors at Awazu, a desperate fighting which Tomoe took at least one head .

Do not mess with a lady who is in power or she will cut off your head!!
{old wise proverb}

Do not mess with a lady who thinks she has power ,she will still cut your head off!!
{old wise proverb}

The Lady Samurai hides her skills within her beauty and stealth , a warrior , yes very much so, a dangerous person , I would say so , do you want to test her skill, Draw!!

The Heike Monogatari describes Tomoe as a lady and warrior, you decide !!



Heike Monogatari

***Tomoe was especially beautiful ,with white skin ,long black hair and charming features. She was stunning!!! She was also a remarkably strong archer ,and as a swordswoman she was a warrior class Worth a thousand, ready to confront a demon or a god, mounted or on foot .She handled unbroken horses with superb skill ; she rode unscathed down perlious decents. Whenever a battle was imminent , Yoshhina sent her out as his first captain , equipped with strong armor, an oversized sword, and a might bow; and she performed more deeds of valor than any of his other warriors. She was Samurai and a apprentice of the Shogun .

The Heike Monogatari goes on to say that Tomoe was one of the last five of the Kiso standing at the tail end of the Battle of Awwzu, and that Yoshinaka, knowing that death was near , he urged her to flee. Though reluctant , she rushed a Minamoto warrior named Onda No Hachiro Moroshige, Cut his head off , and then fled for the eastern provinces. Some have written that Tomoe in fact died in battle with her husband , while others assert that she became a simple nun.

The Old Sensei believes that Tomoe legend lives on in the lady producers we have today . Long gone are the days of a Lady producer not being respected The two ladies from the two festivals have proven they are Samurai apprentice without a doubt . Vision and management of such huge events and dealing with the public will make them into full time Samurai , Patience and love of the Art.

So this is where were at Huge events all over the country, different types of disciplines brought together by these intense producers and celebrities . Are these the events of the future ?

Well if they say Festival it’s worth checking out and you might get entertained or educated, or you might just have a great time exploring the Martial Arts. Better off ,you might meet one of those Lady Samurai !! Tomoe was a special Lady Samurai , just like Maggie and Linda , Maybe my two friends do not carry swords but they do carry cell -phones and they are waiting for your call to get involved with their respective projects for next year . Bringing Martial Arts together one booth at a time. Give them a call and tell them the Old Sensei said ”Ous””


KYOSHI GARY LEE- Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kyoshi Gary Lee is an international karate champion, master karate teacher, a writer for many martial arts publications, a black belt hall of fame inductee, and a historian of sport karate. He was also a professional stuntman for many of Hollywood’s favorite martial arts films. He now devotes his intention to Black Belt TV, a martial arts network he helped create in 2005.

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