BLACK BELT ATTITUDES and, Skills  for Success in Life

    Success Skill - Visualization:

    Winning Black Belts learn to practice, mentally rehearse, and visualize the successful outcome of activities. The mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is vividly imaged. They learn to pre-play and re-play performance to anchor success and eliminate failure. Winning Black Belts learn to control their physical and mental state and create an ability to maintain relaxed alertness and to maximize their flexibility and ability to respond quickly and appropriately.
    Success Attitude - Positive Self-Expectancy & Goals Attainment:

    Winning Black Belts learn to have an overall attitude of personal optimism and enthusiasm. Winners understand that life is a self-fulfilling prophecy – a person usually gets what he or she actively expects over the long run. Winners have HIGH EXPECTATIONS of themselves and work to achieve those outcomes.
  3. Success Skill – Positive Self-Talk

    Winning Black Belts learn to control their “inner dialogue.” They create a supportive conversation with themselves that support their goals and their energies.
  4. Success Attitude - Positive Respect

    Winning Black Belts has the ability to be happy and to function in the world, while showing appropriate conduct and good manners. Respect represents a sincere appreciation of values and the rights of other people. And respect themselves, avoid habits, and behaviors that are unhealthy or destructive.
  5. Success Skill - Total Self-Confidence:

    Winning Black Belts have the ability to accomplish anything they are willing to work to achieve. They are not intimidated by the negative reactions of others – nor, do they get mired in mediocrity. They rise above the crowd an achieve great heights.
  6. Success Attitude – Unshakable character & Personal Honesty

    Winning Black Belts know who they are and where they are going. They effect their environment rather than letting their environment effect them. They make decisions based upon their own moral compass not based upon the tides and whims of those around them. Events don’t alter their understanding of right and wrong or of truth and falseness. Winning Black Belts understand that honesty is more than simply avoiding lies. It includes a belief in, the pursuit of the truth. In order to have healthy relationships with other people, honesty must be present. Winning Black Belts take responsibility for their own actions.
  7. Success Skill – No Excuses

    Winning Black Belts accept 100% responsibility for the outcomes in their own life. Winners take credit or the blame for their own performance. They never “externalize” their failures – but, take responsibility for their own performance and results.
  8. Success Attitude - Positive Self-Motivation with Definite Commitment

    Winning Black Belts dwell on the rewards of success not on the penalties of failure. We always move in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts. Positive self-motivation arrives through visualizing
    your desires while limiting fears. Motivation also comes from focusing on the long-term results desired not the daily disappointments and struggles.
            So make your life fun and plan to succeed. Please get yourself a mental management system that works for you. Imitate the Champions, train hard. Have big dreams!
    Dreams will drive you to accomplish great things. You are in control of you, what you focus on expands. 
                                                                                Much Respect,  Hanshi McCall

                                                             IN THE HEART OF A WARRIOR