McCalls "king of the Ring"







"Winner's Remember Results,

Loser's Remember Reasons." 





Thanks to all the great warriors who made our event a success.

"Most People Would Rather

Have a Good Excuse than

Good Results."


Tournament Results


The tournament was a great success as we had the most wins of all 10 schools that attended, 75 warriors did battle.  The Black belts from the Denver Dojo Dominated the Black Belt Division with not one Black Belt Losing his fight. 


Below are the little Dragons, who showed great spirit in the ring.  We are so proud of the Dragons for getting in there and showing the parents and all what a warrior spirit they have..OSU!!


Thanks to all the great warriors who made our event a success.


Harrison Shaw--5 yrs

Jason Vique-5years

Jesse Brown--6 yrs

Nicholas Omes--6yrs

Johnny Putman-5 yrs

Boyd Bradham--4 yrs

Zack stamey--4 yrs

Zane Clark--Not shown



More results coming soon!!!!!!!!!!






                                                     20th Annual Karate Tournament January 15 2005..Click here for more details 







 Kyoshi's Warriors travel to "Side Kick Karate's Bushido Championship" and Win!!



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These  warriors won there age group's!!!

Brandon Vigue, Hunter Honeycutt, Brandon Ewards, Noah Honeycutt, Wesley Shaw

Wesley Shaw has never lost in a Tournment!!!

These are true Martial Artist and Train to be the Best!!!!!



Kyoshi's Tomoe warrior Championships - January 17th 2004

click here and see summary of event!!!


                                                                     @ Rock Springs school in Denver NC




The Black belts and the students of one of the oldest AKANA school in the country, want to wish all of our students and families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't forget to make your goals for this year....they should be what you want to be and accomplish in all areas of your life..



Kyoshi and Renshi












Strawberry Festival Demonstration May 16 2003






                                                                                 Sammy & Wesley Breaking Boards    Chase with a multi- Break     Mr. Innes with the Bed of Nails





                                                                         Kaitlyn breaking Boards          April taking down an attacker        Mr. Valentine  taking him down




                                                                                   Chase controlling attacker                  Robbie "swift like the Deer"         


Special thanks to all that made our annual Demo a success on such a rainy Day!!!!!!

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Tomoe warriors who won there classes at the McCall's Fall Brawl January 2003




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click to enlarge     Founder Hanshi Piddington and wife Eva

The Awesome charlotte War Hawks--Undefeated 1974-1979     

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Left to Right - Trainer Danny Wilson, Randy Smith,
Danny McCall, Ricky Smith, Jimmy Horsely, Keith Halfich (not shown-RIP)



                                                                                                                       Class of June 2003              Kyoshi's Black Belts                    Kyoshi's early fights                 Denver Black Belts

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