Renshi   Charles Lingerfelt


    The oldest American Karate school is the Fort Mill, SC school, started September 1976, by Kyoshi Danny McCall and Hanshi Jerry Piddington.  Mr. McCall ran this school until March of 1986, when it was turned over to Renshi Charles Lingerfelt, who to this date runs the oldest American Open Karate Club.


Martial Arts Background:

        7th Dan Black Belt in American Open Style Karate under

Hanshi Jerry Piddington.

Training in martial arts since 1973:

3 years under Von Helton (Korean Karate).
29 years under Kyoshi Danny McCall at locations in Fort Mill, SC and DenverNC.

Martial Arts Organizations:

Dojo Association (past)
U.S.K.A. (past) United States Karate Association
S.E.K.A. (past) South Eastern Karate Association
A.K.A.N.A. (present) American Karate Academies National Association


One of the Senior Instructors in American Open Karate.
Setup and organization of testing, demonstrations, and seminars.
20 plus years of record keeping.
Creating Certificates and Certifications.
Ordering and maintaining all materials and epuipment for dojo.

Various tournaments from 1977 to present:

Larry Dillingham
Ricky Taylor's "Red Rose Tournament" (Fort Mill, SC)
Penny Shannon (West Virginia)
Gary Dillingham
Flame Williamson (Stump Town Nationals - Shelby, NC)
Larry Bullard (Boone, NC)
Wayne "T-Bird" Funderburk
Dewey Earwood
Lee Jenkins
Nathaniel White (Lancaster, SC)
Charles Burris
Greenville, SC
Atlanta Pro/Am
More ....



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