Hanshi John Pachivas

10th Dan">



Hanshi John Pachivas

10th Dan, Shuri-ryu Chief Instructor

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10th Dan Black Belt


Hanshi Pachivas is a 10th degree Black belt and the highest ranking person in Shuri-ryu karate-do. Hanshi Pachivas began teaching karate to the general public in the early 1950’s and is the Father of Karate in Florida.  Traditional karate grew under his leadership.  He supported the growth of authentic karate and promoted many tournaments that were the stepping stone for Florida Karate-ka to gain national prominence.  He’s been named “Coach of the Year” six times and traveled around the world as an Ambassador of Karate.

During Hanshi Pachivas’s competition days he was feared for his speed and power.  Usually fighting from a cat stance he could use both roundhouse and front kicks with his incredible hand speed.  In 1963 Grand Master Robert Trias invited him to the Hombu Dojo in Phoenix, Arizona.  This was the beginning of a special relationship that would last for the next 25 years.  Hanshi Pachivas is one of just a few to be personally chosen by O’Sensei Trias to be a member of the Trias International Society.

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