“A Black Belt is Just a White Belt Who Never Quit.”

Goals We Set Are Goals We Get! Congratulations on setting a new goal…To become a Black belt! Everyone who truly wants to, can become a Black Belt. Hard work, perseverance and resolve to overcome obstacles are all that is required. Come to classes consistently, and don’t overload your schedule with too many other activities. Making the changes in your mind and body to become a Black Belt is hard work, but they will occur given time. There are few things that you’ll achieve in your life that can compare with earning a Black Belt! I remember this phrase, A Black Belt is just a white belt who never quit!” You too can be a Black belt…Don’t give up your dream!

Bowing Always bow when entering or exiting the classroom. Always bow when stepping onto or off the matted or carpeted floor in the dojo. Always bow to your instructors the first time each day that you see them…a polite greeting such as “hi, sir” is appropriate. It is also a tradition to bow to your instructors outside of the school in such places as shopping centers or public events. This type of behavior exhibits respect, discipline and humility…important characteristics of a Martial Arts student. Your instructor will do the same, suggesting mutual respect between the student and the teacher.

SHHHH….Respect the class in session, by lowering the volume of your voice. Children should be supervised until their class begins. It is unfair to disrupt teachers or the students while classes are in session.

Shoes in the Dojo No shoes are allowed on the training floor. The ground, sidewalks, and parking lots outside of the school are filled with bacteria and germs.  Your shoes could carry these germs and bacteria onto the floor. As an added precaution,  you should bathe or shower before each class, being sure not to walk around barefoot before your class.

Safety/Sparring Equipment Use only approved sparring equipment purchased at American Freestyle Karate Club. Everyone must have an equal level of protection, so by wearing equipment supplied by the school we can be assured everyone will be safe. Please do not bring equipment purchased form outside sources. Safety Equipment is first required at Master Club Level II Classes.

Personal Hygiene Please shower or bathe before each class. Coming to class directly from work or school is generally not a good idea. Many of our drills require direct contact with another classmate. It is very uncomfortable to train with a partner who has dirty hands or feet. Your hair and body should smell clean and fresh; you should wear a deodorant to avoid body odor. This is very important, because it is very awkward for everyone when a class member does not respect these common courtesies.

“Yes Sir Always respond with an enthusiastic “Yes Sir” or “Yes Ma’am” when asked to do anything. That positive response shows respect, humility and a healthy attitude. The synergy created by an enthusiastic student body makes for a terrific class.

Language and Attitude Please remember that a Martial Arts school is a sacred place where we must constantly monitor our language and attitude. Profanity, explicit language or negative attitudes cannot be permitted. You must be polite and courteous to everyone in the school. Your classmates should be referred to as “Sir” or Ma’am”. Bow when beginning or ending a training session with a partner. Be encouraging and supportive of your classmates’ efforts. Come to class each day with a desire to learn something new.

Stay Focused In many cases, your instructor will be explaining and/or demonstrating new techniques and concepts to the entire class at one time. Just like a classroom in a school or university, all of the students must be quiet and relatively motionless while the instructor is teaching. By doing so, the instructor and students can focus and concentrate on the material being taught. Speaking or moving inappropriately can affect everyone. Always respect these common courtesies.

Train regularly In order to truly benefit from you Martial Arts lessons, you must train regularly. To develop flexibility, strength, speed, stamina, and self-discipline…you need to attend classes at least 2 days per week. Consistent training over time will yield awesome results!

In the Way of the empty Hand

Kyoshi McCall    9th Dan