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Matt McCall started his Martial Arts training at the age of  3 years old under the directions of Kyoshi McCall ( Matt's Father). Matt has always lived the life of a Martial Artist from day one of his life. Kyoshi McCall and Hanshi Piddington have instilled the ground roots of the art as truth, honor, discipline and respect for his fellow man. He was taught to live by  God's  laws of  "do unto others as you would have them do unto you " , to follow the "Ten Commandments" and have a desire to be the best at whatever you do; Always focus on improving yourself each and every day ( ICAN= IMPROVEMENT-CONSTANT-AND- NEVER-ENDING) Don't worry about others, only focus on what will make you better. Do Not let ego lead you, lead yourself to be the best you can be.

Matt is a 3rd degree Black Belt who has lost only one competition in karate in 22 years, finishing third in the Battle of Atlanta  - his first competition ever and  there were over 150 in his white/yellow belt division.  Matt was 6 years old and won every fight but fell short on a questionable call in the finals. Matt the warrior he was at that early age, never gave-up or made excuses. Sensei Matt  McCall went on to win every fight and competition in the Black Belt Division he entered with the speed and grace of his skills in his race cars. 

Matt McCall comes from a great lineage of Martial Artist, from Robert Trias (Founder of modern Karate today) to Hanshi Piddington ( founder of  American Shorei/Shorin Karatedo ) .HANSHI McCALL (founder of American Freestyle Karate ). 

Please view the follow pictures of Matt at the Battle of Atlanta in 1981

Matt was born July 3 ,1981 and was at his first Battle of Atlanta October 10,  1981. Matt is shown with Bill "super foot" Wallace, the undefeated PKA Middle weight Champion of the World and Jerry Rhome PKA Heavy weight Champion. They were great friends of Kyoshi McCall.  Little did Matt know he would be fighting in the Battle of Atlanta( Super Bowl of Karate) 6 years later.

Matt McCall continues to train with his Dad and fellow Black Belts in the Denver Dojo.  Matt is also very well trained in the art of  ju-jitsu (ground fighting). Matt has trained with many karate weapons, i.e. staff, swords, etc.)

Matt in action at a AKANA Tournament   Matt went on to win his fights.


Please review Matt's Black Belt test in the North Carolina Mountains with Mr. Keever. Matt had to perform all the current Belt material and then complete the "mind", "spirit" , "body" requirements along with Mr. Keever.  The Black Belt Test took 3 days to complete. Matt and Keever hand cut each willow and strip the bark and used the bark to tie the sweat lodge together. Then they dug the fire pit , went to the river and tested a 100 rocks till they found 32 rocks for the warrior sweat.  They carried the rocks about a 1/2 mile to the test site. They made a few trips to get the 100+ rocks needed to the testing Zone.

Check out Black Belt Test photos:

Mr. (Matt) McCall and Mr. Keever  completed and passed the Black Belt test and today still practice and sharpen their skills and teach the pure form of karate to all who wish to learn.


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