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 Tournament Summary 1/17/04

Thanks to all the great warriors who made our event a success. The end of the day was great as all the Black Belts put it on the line. There were young and not so young going at the title of the Tomoe Warrior of the day. This was when Harvey "Fire Keeper" Sharpe took his group of warriors to school. Then the long legged gun from NASCAR made little time in taking care of his group, this was Matt" the hard to hit" McCall. It was a great event and congratulation to all the Tomoe winners. The following break down of schools were there for the GOLD:

Ron Carroll's School: 2 ; Benny Phifer Dojo: 12; Ricky Smith Dojo: 7; Charles Lingerfelt Dojo: 7 ; Johnny Stinson Dojo: 3; McCall Dojo: 19; Free spirit Dojo: 1; Marty Knights: 1

There were 10 Awards  - "Bushido Warriors Awards"

Ron Carroll, Benny Phifer, Ricky Smith, Mr. Lingerfelt, Mr. Godfrey, Harvey Sharpe, Mr. Keever, Mr. Ward, Mr. McClellan, Matt McCall

Below are just a few photo shots of the day!!

Thanks again to all who made this a success - Mitch Sherrill who always comes through with our Rock Springs location -  My Honorable and Loyal Black Belts (above) - The lady in charge Marsha McCall and all the great parents who help make it happen. Thanks Again....OS!!! Kyoshi McCall





Thanks again for your support of keeping the Martial Art in all Hearts.

Most people are mirrors, reflecting the moods & emotions of the times; few are windows, bringing light to bear on the dark corners where trouble fester. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. Make your purpose to turn students into windows.  

                           In what ever you do........Have Fun!!

                                          Much Respect...Kyoshi McCall          


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