Kyoshi Firewalking..Listen for "EASY","EASY", "EASY"plus Glass walking (takes a little time to load)

I want to repeat what Master Firewalker Tolly Burkan says about our life in his Book "Let it be Easy". Whether It's heaven or hell, you create your life. If you are constantly struggling with your finances, relationships, health and career, life is hell. Once you learn how to let everything flow and materialize with ease, life can be heaven. It is important we take time enjoy life and PAY ATTENTION to our Dreams and Family's. We all know life is but the flicker of a candle, so do something you have always wanted to do as there is no promise of tomorrow. I Know all can learn from my Extreme Spirituality Awakening and connecting with my higher power,  God. 

I want to thank Shodan Jayme Cloninger for the verse she gave me to take with me to the firewalk and I put it to work each time I crossed the fire. I would like to share it with you as it is so Strong:

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you: and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE FIRE, YOU WILL NOT BE BURNED; THE FLAMES WILL NOT SET YOU ABLAZE...Is.43.2

I did get one small burn on the first walk of about 10 feet , not enough Kime. Then I repeated my verse, and made myself have more NUM  than the fire..I walked burn free on my final two firewalks. I made all three walks and the final 25 foot walk for my Black Belts and students and Family in my heart. I never even had a red mark..nothing but black dust to wash off. This is truly a remarkable process and I want to thank Tolly Burkan for keeping the fire burning for all us to experience this FIREWALKING mystery. 

When it comes to fear, we all have a different experience and feelings about fire, rats, snakes, needles, broken glass and so on and on, but False Evidence Appearing Real can be over come when  the mind and spirit is strong.

In karate we have Mind Spirit and Body as our Triangle of power. The "Success Triangle" is the fire triangle and cannot exist without any one of the three elements present: heat, fuel, and oxygen .  The success triangle is made up of three elements: motive, desire, and opportunity.   you must have these three elements working for you to achieve Success on purpose.  Opportunity and motive without desire will not get you success!! thus desire and opportunity without motive will lead to no success also.

In Closing, be all you can be and become all you can become, but do it with Honesty and Respect and follow this order;

Be Honest; Ask for what you want; Keep your agreements :

Take responsibility for you actions and experiences in your life;

Keep an Open Heart.

Kyoshi McCall


I am ready to conduct my own Firewalk within the next year so others can believe in themselves enough to trust their Fears and over come them.



While I was in Sonora, Ca I went to Columbia, once known as the "gem of the  Southern Mine," is a living gold rush town featuring the largest collection of gold rush-era brick buildings in California.


While I was in Sonora, Ca. I travel thru the Famous Yosemite National Park. It is a spectacular Park and all of Gods beauty can be seen. I feel so bless to have been able to travel to Ca. and see this park in person.  This was also a very spiritual event as you feel small in such a grand place some 8842 ft . Enjoy the slide show below.



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