Brown belt requirements for 1st brown (IKYU)   Home (Red Requirements 1/2 1st Brown)

1. Pass materials Requirements for Brown Belt

2. Pass the Physical Requirements Brown Belt

3. 2500 push-ups

4. 2500 sit ups

5. Run a Mile in 12 Minutes

6. Teach under belts for 500hrs

7. Support the promotion of another student to Green or Red Belt

8. Read 3 books on various karate systems

9.Maintain a A/B average in school when applicable

10. Do 50 hours of community service. (Have church or organizations to sign off on hours preformed.)

11.Set up an Hour of power for yourself: (Time to review and train)

    a. Move & breath (for 5 minutes)

    b. Get grateful and visualize (10 minutes)

    c. Use Incantations and exercise (15-30 minutes or more)(ex:ON A QUEST TO BE THE BEST)

12. Live with Passion (raise your standards, get unreasonable ,turn your "shoulds" into "must")

ICAN = IMPROVEMENTS Constant and never-ending

Much Respect....Kyoshi McCall & Renshi McClellan