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 Black Belt  Candidates Studies

          "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice your gift"                                                                              

"Success is not the results of spontaneous combustion,


Black Belts Under construction!!!!!!


you can't talk yourself out of a situation you behaved yourself into.....

Pay Attention...Expect the Best....Do it Now (go for it)

1. Ten (10) Personal Victories
Each  student is required to fulfill (and record) 10 achievements they consider to be “Personal Victories.” A Personal Victory might be doing something you’ve always wanted to do or finish (skydiving, meeting a hero, finishing a degree, making amends with someone, running a marathon, losing weight). Personal Victories will be entered in your journal and documented in the Black Belt Promotional Workbook.

Due over the next 5 years after promotion....10% due Now!!

2.Ten Testing Performances
An integral part of the Black belt Promotion is in the mastery of your martial arts skills. To polish these skills each student is required to put together a demonstration An integral part of the Black belt Test is in the mastery of your martial arts skills. To polish these skills each student is required to put together a demonstration (a “Testing Performance”) featuring their personal martial arts test requirements and curriculum. A Testing Performance is a demonstration of the techniques and skills you have mastered in your martial arts career and for your test. As a part of the Black belt you must have performed your Testing Performance in front of 10 different groups. Those groups may include your students, your peers, your seniors, and various groups in your community. Your Testing Performance is made up of those skills that make you look the best. You get to design it yourself.
Due Now!!

3.Students in The Black Belt Test must have attended three very special events. The events are meant to bring the student together for unique experiences that build camaraderie, teamwork, and new skills. Note: The events are, always, more than they appear to be. As student black belts who attend will go back to the  school and recreate the experience for their students. Due before December 2007

4.Push Ups and Crunches
52,000 (minimum) push ups and crunches are required by final exam. That's 1000 a week, 150 a day per exercise. Needs to be completed by (3rd level Black) third Dan promotions. 10% min due now!!!

This may seem like a lot of reps, but test participants soon come to realize it's one of the easiest requirements. The concept behind this requirement is in taking a huge and ambitious project and breaking it down into small, bite-sized pieces. As martial arts teachers, this is exactly what we want to show and teach our students: you CAN DO things that seem overwhelming if you set your goals properly and work at them on a day-by-day basis.
ICAN Lifestyle

1000 rounds of sparring (stand up and/or ground fighting) are required by final exam time. That's an average of 3 rounds per day. Rounds must be 2 minutes or longer.  10% due Now!!!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or NHB (No Holds Barred) Requirement
Each participant in the BBT must complete 150 hours of Jiu-Jitsu mat time (three hours per week). Ideally each candidate would earn a blue belt or equivalent in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or any NHB style grappling. The official BBT Grappling Coach is Renshi Joe McClellan, but candidates may use anyone (and there are a 1000 great instructors around the world) for instruction and ranking.
10% Due Now!!

7.Forms Requirements
Each student will choose one form (or more, if they care to) and complete a minimum of 1000 repetitions of it. This form will be a part of the final BBT exam. 
Due by exam for amount assigned to candidates

The BBT is about getting in shape, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. What "in shape" means, is relative to the participant . . . so that determination will be made between the participant and the Instructors. Whatever the end result of the test, one element is standard for each participant: each student must show a level of mastery in their chosen discipline that is congruent with their level of rank and physical potential. Let it be known that nobody will earn belt rank in American Shorei/Shorin Karatedo & American Freestyle Karate  unless they come to the final test in the very best shape of their life. For the form (kata), each participant should be able to perform it at the very highest level, and meet the strictest requirements of any traditional master of that Kata. Must know bunkai of each kata preformed. Move your standards up in ever area of your life

8.Self-Defense Training
Each student must have training (currently, there are no minimum time requirements) in a reality-based self-defense training program. Self-defense advisors to the SDT for the BBT are Hanshi Piddington and Kyoshi McCall and Renshi McClellan all can help you with acceptable training for this requirement

9.Boxing Requirements
Students must have a minimum of 20 hours of training with a boxing or Muay Thai boxing coach. Mr. Matt Watson may be consulted for this training.
10% due Now!!!

10.Seeking Out a Master
Each student will be required to seek out one master (of any discipline in or out of the martial arts), interview
them, and, if possible, study with him or her. Due by December 2007

11.Reading Requirements
Each Student will be required to read 12 or more books pertaining to management or philosophy, motivation or enlightenment. Members of the AFSKC have access to a suggested reading list, however the students, based on his or her interests, may choose the titles. Books read will be tracked in the  Black Belt Promotional Workbook.
Due By December 2007

12.Anthony Robbins 30 Day Unlimited Power Course
Participants must go through the Robbins 30-Day or 7-Day tape series or have equivalent training in the Robbins system
Due By December 2007

13.Body For Life
Students must come to the final exam in the best shape of their adult lives. Each student, prior to the exam, is required to follow Mr. Keever's diet and training program from his Gym and any reading material he assigns.
Due Now!!!

14.Empathy Training - Check out this great example!
One full day of living in a wheelchair, one full day blind, and one full day mute are required by all
students. To be completed the next 3 years . Keep record

15.Acts of Kindness and Compassion
Each student must perform and log 1000 acts of kindness and compassion in his or her Black Belt Promotional Workbook. (or in an on-line Acts of Kindness web site. In addition to this requirement, each students must be the catalyst for 50,000 (minimum) acts of courtesy, kindness, and respect from their students and/or community. Candidates may choose to use Tom Callos' Random Acts of Kindness Program (available through NAPMA) or the first booklet in the Six Tasks Character Development Program (available through MAIA) or a program of their own creation

To be completed over the next 5 years. Keep a record. Always be truthful

16. Righting Wrongs & Mending Relationships
Candidates are required to right three wrongs they've done in their lives or mend three broken relationships. If this applies. Age and life experiences will be consider.

To be completed over the next 3 years. Keep a record. Always be truthful.

17.Preform all AFSKC material. An integral part of the Black belt Promotion is in the mastery of your martial arts Material. you will have a skill, stress, and spirit test. Candidates will show their " heart of a Warrior with precision " I can do this " inner and outer strength " I am a Black Belt" can you live it ? can you do it? Earth-water-Fire-wind ... Can you take it!!!Due NOW!!!

18  Each Year challenge yourself...Breaking..running..Bed of nails..walk on broken Glass. Walk on Fire? Make time to visit other Schools....GOOD LUCK IN YOUR BLACK BELT LIFE JOURNEY!!

19. Complete a one Day Fast and record in your Black Belt Planner. Only water or juices for 24 hrs and then write down how it made you feel. Then plan on a two or three day Fast in the future to test yourself, with moving your standards up. Keep a record in your Black belt Journal

20.Teach for 500 hrs for your 2 and 3rd Dan requirements....20hrs due Now

21. Spirituality Training: Are there things you would like to accomplish but have been unwilling to consider because you've always thought they would be impossible? If so, begin changing that pattern by acknowledging that all things are possible when you are connected to a higher power. When you feel inseparably connected to the source of all creation, at all times, then all things are indeed possible!

22. 1000 word essay on " What earning a Black belt in " American Shorei/Shorin Karatedo" and "American freestyle Karate"  means to me " describe your impression of the techniques, history, philosophy, and a Bio of you journey to Black belt ( when you started and what you've done and a what you are going to do . If we ask you to rewrite, we only want more info, so it's OK to have to re-write.

23. Test questions before the test and after which will encompass basic knowledge, application, and history of your martial arts. Each question will be worth one point and you must have 15 points to pass.

24.Black belt Quality: beyond knowing the techniques after 4 years or more, do you consistently demonstrate the following key qualities to be a Black Belt in  American Shorei/Shorin Karatedo" and "American freestyle Karate"

25.Once completion of Black Belt exam, it will be (6) six Months before the Black Belt certificates are issue as this will serve as a probation period. Teaching requirements and promises will be meet.

* you understand the purpose of the technique

* you can demonstrate knowledge of technique details

*you rely on unified body movements rather than the individual limbs for power delivery

*you retain control of your balance throughout each technique

*you demonstrate mental focus (kime) throughout the technique

*you exemplify concentrated "Heart of a Warrior" throughout the technique

*you are ever carefully observant of safe and controlled technique practice with partners.

Jesus referred to his miracles and said" All that I have done, you too shall be able to do And even far greater things than these. I encourage you to study the Bible...number one book ever  !


                                                        BB2007 schedule

Congratulations to our New Black Belts. For the first time in 30 years we have promoted a woman to Black Belt and not only did we  promote one...but two. 

Robby Wright- Nidan

Derek Brock-Shodan

Stacy Wright-Shodan

Jayme Cloninger-Shodan


Hunter Foster- JR-Black Belt

Kaylan Callaway- JR- Black belt

Brandon Vigue - JR- Black belt


Kyoshi...Final thoughts on the Class of 2007 Black Belts:

At the end of the three day review, it was a test of will, faith and courage. The Brown Belts started as concerned and doubtful students and left as Black Belts with the "Heart of a Warrior" . The Black Belt panel of review which was without a doubt one of the best in the American Shorei/Shorin Karatedo and American freestyle Karate history made comments all weekend about the heart and the power and character of each candidate.

It is a sad time for me after a Black Belt exam.  I always leave wondering if we did enough to change their will to win and their Tomoe Warrior character. Honor and Truth we speak, but will they live it, as things will never make us happy. Giving will make you happy and I always give with an open heart.  I want every Black Belt to feel that I supplied the material to change the Tao (Way) in their life.  My door is always open to my Black Belts. As long as I am breathing you have a person who you can talk with and share with for the rest of  our time on this earth. We are all connected to a higher creator and God should always be first in your Heart.  I take every Black Belt exam serious and only we can hope that we did give each candidate the skills to protect and guide them to greater goals in their life. It is always hard to let go...but we have to let go and let these New and Improved Black Belts stand on our shoulders and see new grounds to be covered in the Martial Arts World.

 This is a new beginning and they still have much to learn, but like the Bonsai Trees given at the Tea Ceremony, they will grow and be strong and someday be a beautiful Tree to the Martial Arts.

For most of us grace appears uninvited and unacknowledged. But, you can greatly amplify the presence of grace in your life if you see yourself as deserving of it. You invite it in, you acknowledge it, and give thanks for it. To me grace is a tangible manifestation of God's love for me. Always keep God in your Heart and work on spiritual clarity (sweating and fasting and praying)

All Black Belts can feel free to visit the Test site and feel the energy you left and mediate and remember the steps you took into Black Belt and your sweat and love of the Art that allowed you to complete this awesome Test.

I want to thank Renshi McClellan for his love of the Art and commitment to produce only the best Black Belts. Renshi has such character and lets no stone go un-turned. Thanks to Renshi Lingerfelt for never letting the candle go out in his school and for always being there to support our cause in our quest to make only the best Black Belts. Thanks to Renshi Godrey for maintaining his commit to God and the Martial Arts. Thanks to Mr. Renfro for getting back in the game as he is a great teacher. Thanks to Sensei Ward for always being a shinning light for the students and his character training comes from the heart. Sensei Keever has shown he is a great leader and teacher with complete knowledge of all the material. If not for him and Mr. Ward the class of 2007 would not have been. They give so freely of their time to keep the Saturday Morning program alive and turning lemons into lemonade. We crowned a new Fire-Keeper as Mr. Sharpe could not make it. Sensei Matt McCall stepped-up and kept the fire burning during the 21 Warrior Rock Sweat.  Sensei Wright has raised his standards and helped get these new Black Belts ready for their life journey as well moved to instructor Level Nidan (2nd Black)

I have always loved karate and every day I think of God and my family and  Master Funakoshi. He said "think of everyday as Karate Training", and I do.

"Funakoshi was a man of Tao. He placed no emphasis on competitions, record breaking or championships. He placed emphasis on individual self perfection. He believe in the common decency and respect that one human being owed to another. He was the master of masters.

I am now  a Master of Masters and it feels good that God gave me the heath, and family and courage to never give up on my students and love of Karate.

In closing People always ask me why our exams are so long and our thoughts are "we have high Standards for our Black Belt  and each time we raise the Bar"

I am so blessed.

Much respect & that is all I have to say!

Hanshi McCall                       2007 Exam Photo











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