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We are all bombarded by fear, doubts, and reasons why we cannot accomplish what we want for ourselves. Therefore to put things into perspective, let me give you an interesting definition of the word fear: Fantasized  Experiences Appearing Real or another meaning could be False Evidence Appearing Real. Most of the things we fear are simply an exaggeration of our imagination. Since our subconscious mind and our nervous system doesn't know the difference between reality and our imagination, it produces the same uncomfortable feelings of anxiety. Our self - talk has created Tigers that appear too big for us to handle some times. You must allow yourself to experience your fears and move through them with courage-the courage to look, acknowledge, and experience. Allowing our self this growth process is like a butterfly freeing itself from the cocoon . Ralph Waldo Emerson said " Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain" and Mark Twain  put it this way: " Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear--not absence of fear"  Be an effective Risk Taker..

So to face some fears..Read on!!!!

On April 5, 2007 thru April 9, 2007 Kyoshi McCall flew to Sonora, Ca for a Fire Instructors training Class conducted by the Legend himself, Tolly Burkan, he owns and operates the oldest firewalking school in the World.  Kyoshi McCall was amazed at the program presented by Tolly Burkan, from Firewalking to Board breaking, snapping pointed arrows with your throat, walking barefoot on shards of broken glass, Bending steel rebar with your throat and using slot machines as biofeedback devices and of course allowing an object to pass through your body. Not to mention Repelling into Moaning Cavern some 400 feet. This was a Spiritual path that was one of Kyoshi's most awesome experiences he has ever attended. If you can ever go and train with Tolly, Kyoshi has one thing to say GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! He is a master Instructor and a great caring person. Your life will be changed forever when you visit with this legend of Firewalking.  Tolly Burkan will change your life..read both of this books "Let it be easy" and "Extreme Spirituality" and visit his web site www.firewalking.com for more info.

In karate we have Mind Spirit and Body as our Triangle of power. The "Success Triangle" is the fire triangle and cannot exist without any one of the three elements present: heat, fuel, and oxygen .  The success triangle is made up of three elements: motive, desire, and opportunity.   you must have these three elements working for you to achieve Success on purpose.  Opportunity and motive without desire will not get you success!! Thus desire and opportunity without motive it will lead you to no success also.

Then work on Kaizen 改善each day to become all you can become!!!


In Closing, be all you can be and become all you can become, but do it with Honesty and Respect and follow this order;

In the mean time keep checking back for more photos and info on how to do a Firewall with Hanshi McCall.



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